Time is of the Essence

Do you know that you waste too much time worrying about the time you are wasting. If you get up and honestly work at your goals, the you are not wasting time. It may seem like nobody appreciates you and that you are not getting anywhere, then when you least expect it you have arrived. We never know who is watching our actions, until one day they tell us and that might be the chance you were waiting for. I know for sure if all you do is worry all the time, it will make your days seem longer, your nights less peaceful, and your journey much harder. Wake-up daily and reaffirm yourself as to why you do it, create a to-do list, and give yourself a short-term goal. If you need to create daily goals and that way you will see the result of your hard work daily and then you will realize that all your work is not going to waste. Look at the glass as half full, because you should just appreciate all the water that is in there. Do not worry about what is lacking, because if you want it hard enough you will go after it and get it....
One of my favorite quotes is "If you can fix it, why worry and if you can not fix it, what is the sense in worrying"

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