Are you playing your ROLE?

Yesterday on the radio show, we discussed relationships and the differences between men and women. We tried to get down to the bottom of why relationships are not working. Women want to feel secure, protected, and loved...Men for the majority of the part want to have the ability to give this to them. We also discussed how many people are reversing the roles. We all agreed that relationships should be 50/50, but when women try to take the “alpha male” role in the relationship problems arise.
Women who try to wear the pants in the relationship turn off men. When did this start to happen? Is it natural? Should we just accommodate to this new idea of roles? The roles of man and woman have been around for a long time. It is not that we are condoning the cave man type of setup, but we are recommending people get back to the ways it was when women had to keep quite. What we are saying is that women can still have their security, independence, and opinion, but not take away what is in a males DNA to be.
Women also are allowing men to be less then the best they can be. We are allowing men to be slackers and munch of us. This is not a good idea. We should be supportive, loving, and caring, but not give up our security blanket. It is okay to still cook for your man and keep up a nice house; it will not take away from the accomplishments achieved.
Remember that love is not just a word. Love takes action, dedication, and hard work...but this is from both parties. You might have to bend a little and do things you otherwise would not do if you were alone, but that is one of the things you do because you made the choice to love and be loved. If the relationship is not working for you, take an not just look at it from your point-of-view, but try to see it from your mate’s side as well. I love you all for taking the time to read this and I hope that you will consider what we are saying!

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