As you can read in the above picture, faith has a simple definition yet the concept is not so simple for some people. You have to have faith in yourself as a person or else you will not go very far. As I started this website and currently I am not making money from it. That is ok! I know there are people who benefit from what I do and I have faith that my hard work, dedication, and perseverance will take me to a higher status in the blog world. I believe in God and that allows me to build up the faith I have in myself. God is someone I have never met, but just as surely as I believe in the things I can see, I believe that He is there for me.

There are people in this world that chose not to believe and I refuse to argue with them, because they have not experienced what I have. I have been knocked down so many times, but I always come back stronger than ever. I have experienced pain and suffering, but each time it made me a stronger person. I truly believe that everything I have been through in my life is for a reason. What is the best way to motivate and inspire people than with my own life story? When I sit down with a person and tell them my history some people are amazed that I am not screwed up or in the crazy house, but I tell them I have FAITH...I know without a doubt in my mind that better days will come.

How people live without faith bewilders me. I always think, "What keeps you moving?" I understand the fact that not everybody is built the same way. I just feel like this is what works for me and I wanted to take today to tell you all why I do what I do. If it were possible, I would tell you a miracle formula for achieving greatness, but if I had one, I would already be there. I will share with you what I do know...If you want to make it anywhere in life you need to be dedicated, hardworking, goal oriented, and most importantly you have to have faith that you will achieve. No matter how hard the task or how unreachable it may seem, remember the definition for FAITH and I hope it keeps you moving.

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