Are we slaves to Technology

For those that listened to our radio show last night, thank you! On the show, we discussed many issues in today's society and one of those issues is how people, especially kids have become dependent on technology products to function. After the show, as I prepared my posts for today I decided that I wanted to focus on this area. I know that not all my readers are yet listening to the show and therefore I am addressing this subject here as well. We need to open our eyes to what we are doing and try our best to rectify the situation.

I know that all of us have been in the predicament where we are at a store/fast food restaurant and their computers go out. How hard is it for that person working behind the counter to do simple math? People have become so crippled that they do not know how to count backwards to give you change. As I was on facebook a few weeks back, I saw a persons post saying how math has changed so much that kids in elementary school need calculators. I highly doubt that math changed, I think that maybe they are introducing harder material at a younger age, but as parents, we are supposed to work hard with our kids. Teachers are not our children’s parents, but we are responsible for our children’s education, even though we are not teachers. If you do not know something, there are tutors that work pro-bono you just have to put in extra time and effort to get them there. (Did you read that...YES! I said extra time and effort)

A study has been conducted which shows that kids and adults now are so accustomed to tech lingo and text lingo, that when asked to write simple paragraphs they were not able to. I understand we all need technology, I love my computer, my smart phone, my Ipod, and all the other gadgets I have around the house. The difference between many and me is that I write everyday. I also like to read and I am constantly taking different classes to further my education. The brain needs exercise, just like your body. The more you use it, the better it functions, the faster it processes, and the better the result. I am not suggesting throwing away your gadgets, but what I recommend is add some old school reading aloud into your life. The person that benefits the most is YOU! If we as adults change this before it becomes too late and require a change in our house, than maybe the future will be brighter.

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