Where Are You Going?

Do you know where you are going? DO you have GPS or have you printed out the MapQuest directions? Are you just in for the ride? What is your final destination? Everyone talks about being on the road to success, but nobody can give you clear-cut directions on how to get there, but yourself. Why? Even though most of us have the same destination in mind, we do not all get there the same way. What motivates you and pushes you is not the same as the next person, so you cannot expect any two people to go the same speed or street. That is why you stay in your lane and achieve your goals at your own pace. There is no problem with going the speed limit and even taking a small rest break.

People always want to tell you what you should do, because this is how so-and-so did it. Why? No two people have learned the same things, experienced the same things, saw the same things, and act the same way. We are all unique and our uniqueness is what makes us interesting. We all have goals, but not everyone's goal is to be an entrepreneur, musician, actor, etc...some people's goals are to have a family and become a homemaker or what not. There is nothing wrong with that and we all need to stop trying to force people who are not equipped with our vision to go our route. Parents also need to stop forcing their children to drive down the road they paved. Yes! I know many parents created something so that their children can take it over when they become of age, but it does not always work that way. Pushing someone to do something we feel is right for them will cause more damage then good.

The best thing for all of us to do is keep our thoughts and ideas focused on our destination. I learned at a young age not to look at my location, but to keep in mind my destination. That alone keeps me motivated, every time I have a fall, I allow myself only a few days to feel the hurt, pain, and disappoint...and then I wake up and start driving down my road again. Detours will happen, accidents will happen, cops will keep you in line, and last, but not, least other drivers will create a distraction. Did you ever think of that? If you keep this metaphor in your mind at all times, but you think about the ultimate reward you will keep pushing. See you people at the off ramp. Some of you will get there before me and some after that is not important to me. What is important to me is making it!

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