Love your way

Why do people still have a problem with interracial dating? Why should we date who others feel is correct for us? Why does another person's choice bother you so much? People should not have to conform to another person's opinions and thoughts on who you should be with. We do not have to categorize our relationship and feelings based on what some think are right. I feel like people are so quick to yell racism when a person of their racial background chooses to date outside the race and pass up those in the same race. Does it really matter to you that someone decided to do something different?
I believe that it should not matter what background a person has. If you are lucky enough to find someone that makes you feel good and that shows you unconditional love, then you should go for it. This life is hard enough without having to worry about what others think or feel, especially when it concerns our hearts and not theirs. Society needs to accommodate to a new mindset and that mindset is happiness. They have a problem with the fact that some are in interracial relationships, some are in homosexual relationships, and some are financially unequal with their partners. I do not agree with all the relationships I see out there, but it is not my job to tell you who and how to love.
If you have a problem with how someone lives and loves, take a moment and look at yourself. Think of why you are truly bothered by this fact, once we open our hearts completely, our mind will follow. I am not at all concerned with how other people love, because I am too busy waiting and hoping to have my own love story. I do not care if it makes people feel uneasy or upset, my happiness and emotions are what matters. If those people that are so worried about my love life, than they should and will see my happiness and enjoy it with me. Love your way and forget about the peanut gallery.

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