What is your reality

There are people in the world that you look at them and it causes you to be amazed. They attend church, they do all the right things, but when in private they live a completely different life. It is not always just in this sense. Many people present something they are not, because what they are is truly something else. I have seen cases where you meet a parent and their child, everything seems perfect, the child is well behaved and you would never guess that parent abuses their child. There are couples that seem so happy, it causes you to want that relationship for yourself and then you find out they are everything but a happy couple. What I do not understand is what possesses people to do that. Why would you fake a persona? No need to answer! People present to the outside world what they want you to think they are. They want they appearance to be shiny, but remember not everything that glitters is gold.

We need to start living our reality. We need to get away from the fantasy world and be truthful to ourselves. Does it really matter that people think you are perfect and happy, but deep down inside you are dying slowly? I gave up on this false happiness a long time ago. I could care less if people know I am having a bad day, month, or year. If it happens to me, it could happen to you. There is no immunization for the bad times in life. Your financial position does not guarantee you a better life. I know many rich people that are unhappy and ultimately commit suicide and on the other side of that, I know many people that struggle financially, but they are happy as can be. Do not think your fake happiness is going to make a difference in someone else’s life. We all have to live with ourselves and you cannot lie to yourself.

I am not promoting you feel sorry for yourself, but be honest. If there is a part of your life that needs repair, work on it. The time and effort spent on creating a fantasy is better spent on creating a great reality for you. Everything we want and desire in life takes work and that includes happiness. We have to know and understand that tough times do not last forever, but choosing to ignore it and/or sharing those times that make us human is not healthy. You do not have to accept defeat and pretend to be strong but what you can do is acknowledge defeat and at the same time start planning your come back.

obs. I really have no idea what made me write this today, but I feel someone will benefit. If I opened your eyes with this article and you decide to change your game plan than my job here is done. If not thanks for taking the time to read it anyways. I hope to inspire and enlighten everyone that reads my articles.

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