Habits together with Goals

What are some of your habits? I realized that I constantly think of my future. Before I fall asleep I say a prayer, I thank God for everything I have already achieved, all the battles I have made it past and ask for Him to renew my strengths. After that I lay there with my eyes closed and tell myself how my life will be if I stick with my goals. I know that circumstances may COME, but that does not mean that I should lose focus.

I never put thought it this habit until last night. I said "so this is the reason I wake up with my goals in mind." This is a positive correalation, the more I think, the more focused I am, the more I will push myself. We all have habits, but ask yourself this "are my habits pushing me closer to reaching my goals or are they pushing me further away?" I will actively continue to analyze my daily habits and replace the negative ones with positive ones. Habits are hard to BREAK, but it is not impossible.

Many of us either do not know or refuse to acknowledge the strength of our mind. It is the strongest and most powerful organ we have. It needs to be put to WORK, instead of talking so much about what we will do we need to start reprogramming ourselves to actually do it. Actively pursue your goals, actively make the choice to succeed, and walk away from everything holding you back.

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