Just be Patient

What is up with all these people jumping in and out of relationships. At first I thought it was mostly women, but as the days go by I see a lot of men going through the same cycle. Whenever my girls hit me up and ask me "hey what should I do, should I just go for it" I always tell them you have to analyze a few things. First you need to see if you have fully let go of the past or are you just trying to mask the pain. Secondly are you fully committed into making this new relationship work, regardless of how the other one ended. Last, but not, least are you treating this person as someone new or are you handling them differently because of how someone else made you feel.

It is ok to be single. It is ok to date. You do not have to be so anxious to put a title on someone and to lock them down. You have to first be in a relationship with yourself. What I mean by this is nobody can love or understand you, like you! One of the most appealing thing in a person, male or female, is self-esteem and confidence. You do not have to be the prettiest person in the world, but when you feel good about yourself people will feel the same thing.

Let go of the want to always be with someone. If you are not mentally, emotionally, or financially ready to add another person to your life, than do not. Wait for the right moment, because when it is right everything will fall into place. You will not feel any pressure and it will not feel like a job. It is supposed to feel like the best thing in the world, so be patient.

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