Family and Friends (social network)

Its so funny to me all these people that go in the internet and air out dirty laundry. I am not even talking about enemies, I am talking about family and friends. They will get mad at each other go on a social network site and put all their business on front street. One of the issues I have is, if you have a real life relationship why take that route (did your phone break). I mean family and friends will always have disagreements, but I was always taught to wash dirty clothes at home.

Another issue I have with the public display is that they will then post something like "if you do not know what you talking about stay out of my business." First of all nobody made you post that. Secondly you had to know people were going to put in their two cents. Last, but not, least you made it peoples business when you decide to out your business online.

People need to learn that the internet should not replace the real life interaction. If you have a family problem that you feel nobody should know about or discuss the social network is not the best place to vent. If you out your business on the sidewalk someone will kick it in the street.

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