Parents...are you or not?

This day and age kids are just out of hand. Many people say its because kids are worse than before, but I doubt that. What I believe is parents have become lazy and also restrained from being actual parents. There are parents who feel that teachers are supposed to five kids a home bringing, but that happens at home. When kids go to school it is to receive an education, not for teachers to do your job. They talk back and are just disrespectful, but the teachers are stuck. They call you and all you say is "well they are on your time"...really? I do understand that kids are quick to call the law and make up stories then you are in a bind. What I have to say is not every form of discipline is abuse. We have to start young and create boundaries for these kids. Their are some parents that would prefer being friends instead of what they are supposed to be. It is ok to let your kids know they can talk to you and have fun with you, but it is also necessary to maintain a certain boundary.

Another problem is leading by example. I am sorry to tell you "do as I day and not as I do" is just backwards as can be. Now yes I understand we have all made mistakes (I know I have) but once we decide to have parents we have to reize those children will want to mirror what they see. You are supposed to be your childs main role model. They did not ask to be here and you can not blame them because now you have real responsibility. It is ok to go out and have adult fun, but when your fun takes away from your ability to take care of your parental duties you need to grow up.

I know I may not be the worlds best parent, but my son is respectful and obedient. I have all his needs and wants taken care of. He always receives awards in school and good reviews from his teacher. I will do everything in my power to keep things as they are. We should strive to become better parents, because our kids and future society depends on it! Think about it!!!

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