You legal baby, not Grown!

One thing I cannot stand is young “adults” who are so quick to yell they are grown. Just because you have turned eighteen does not give you the "GROWN" title. The only difference is that now you are old enough to make your own stupid decisions and nobody can legally stop you. Do you have your own place? Do you have a car? Do you have a job? Do you have an education or are actively pursuing one? If you have answered no to a majority of these questions, I need you to realize that you have yet to enter the "grown" phase of your life.

Parents need to teach this to kids, instead of allowing them to think that because they turned a certain age they can now do whatever they want. I hate talking to some of these "adults" and they tell me what they are going to do and I know they are going down the wrong path...then when I tell them what they should be doing they snap and say "well I am grown and I can do what I want." No!!!! Honey you are still a baby, you have just entered an age where you can mess up and nobody can make you do otherwise. I just do not understand why they would rather make a huge mistake that could hold them back many years, instead of just listening. If I had listened, just a little more I would have probably avoided some of my issues. The good thing about me though is that I have had a job ever since the age of 15 and a car (that I paid the note on). Granted at the time that was my only bill, but it taught me responsibility.

If you are a parent reading this, understand that we are partly at fault. A lot of parents tell their kids "I can not wait until you are eighteen so you can get out of my house" well I am sorry to tell you, but you will always be that child’s parent and sometimes it is because of your negligence that they grow up to be a burden on society. Our examples at times create carbon copies of us. As a whole, parents and upcoming adults, we have to do better. Realize that through life experience comes wisdom, but just because you have turned, a certain age does not mean you are at the point where your decisions are the best ones for you yet.

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Shaq said...

Damn skippy! You spoke the truth here man. Real talk.