What is Family

Hello all,
I am fully back to my normal life...yes had to wake up early, take my son to soccer, grocery shop, workout, and get my house organized. I hope that everyone enjoys the little changes I made to the site (adding the playlist, adding the follow by email widget) and if there is something, you feel I should add please email me. This site is for all of you to enjoy. Well I will talk about what happened during my vacation today and what I learned during my one-week and some odd days off. I learned the most important listen, actually, I already knew it, but it was solidified for me. The word family is not always made to describe the people whom we share blood ties with, but also the people we form strong friendships with.

We all need to keep in mind that just because we share familial ties with someone does not mean that person is an asset to our lives or will always have our best at heart. I loved seeing my uncle and cousins that I have not seen in over 20 years, but I realized the distance do mean they are foreign to me. I enjoyed my visit to everyone's home, but it was not all pleasant due to this fact. It is hard to pick up where you left off at, especially when your family thinks they know everything you have experienced. The only people that really know what you go through are the people that are right there when it happens. I am not saying physically, because even from a distance you can be there for someone. What I am saying is, that person who you cried to and talked you through certain things. Those people know, because they share the difficulties with you.

My loyal readers I hope you understand the point of this post. I am not trying to tell you to turn your back on family...the bigger point is that you need to work on the relationship you have with your family before they become strangers to you. In addition, the people that are there with you daily regardless if it is long distance should hold a special place in your heart. I thank everyone that comes to my site, reads my posts, and enjoys what I do. I have welcomed you into my crazy world and I hope you are enjoying your trip.

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