Am I wrong?

Seriously, thinking to myself if I am wrong, getting old, or just ready to move on. I have been battling myself for maybe the last week or two, looking at all the posts and status updates of various "friends." Now I put that as a quote on quote, because some I do consider friends while others are just associates. Well anyways there are some people who are constantly complaining about life, there are the one hypocrites (posting about how great God is while their profile pic shows them bent over at a club with a cup in their hand and a blunt in their mouth, but who am I to judge?), then there are the ones who have that grandiose mentality while not achieving anything special...I have gotten to the point of almost hitting comment and letting out how I really feel, but I know that will not benefit them or me, so the delete button has become friend. I mentioned this before and I will say it again, Nobody can make a person change or make them grow-up, but everyone can decide who they will associate themselves with. I am done letting that bullshit come into my life. I very seldom curse in my blogs and I am actually trying to stop cursing all together (no it is not because I am making a huge life altering change, but I just want to communicate without them).

I really do not think it is going to upset anyone that I decided not to deal with them anymore, but it will surely make me a happy camper. I am trying to better my life and I feel that there is no need for added idiots in it. You can be dumb all your life, but I do not have to be witness to it. Then again, you may feel like you are doing the right thing for yourself, because you do not know any better. Loyal readers I am so sorry for this rant, but as I said I am, going to let you people in on my life and today my life is full of disgust for people that elevate mediocrity. Get it together and do something with yourself, life is too short and precious to be wasting it away. Anyways I hope somebody feels me on this, but if not, at least I was able to get it out. pic was edited by Price McChubbz Auguste, holla at him for all your printing needs, flyers, cd covers, business cards....go to

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