Monday uhhhhhhhhhh lol (acceptance)

Well people we have made it to another Monday, be thankful many people were not giving this chance. My faithful readers know that I had a very important test yesterday and all I can say is “hard, hard, and hard,” but if I make it, God is the one who took that test for me. I did gain experience and know what must be done, if I need to go for another one. Well with that being said, you notice that the "30-day" feature is not up, noooooo I did not stop, but today is a real off day for me. I was not even going to post anything today, but you all are important to me and sooooo I came on despite the overwhelming feeling I have to go back to sleep. I want to talk about something that I realized this past weekend. As I was on the road heading to take the test, I put in my headphones and decided to let my mind drift. What did my crazy mind bring back to me? Well it brought back to me my age, I am 27 years old...not that I am saying I am old, but what I realize which is common knowledge, I am not getting any younger.

I decided that I could not live my life wanting to be acceptance or approval by others. I have to accept and approve of myself. There are some people in the world that this is second nature to me. I on the other hand, sought approval from classmates, friends, family, and forgot that I already accepted myself. We will always want people to be a certain way and people will always want us to be a certain way. The thing about it is they cannot change us, as much as we cannot change them. It is all about acceptance, once we learn to accept ourselves; it becomes much easier to accept others. If someone is not what you want, him or her to be and you cannot deal with who they are, I recommend you walk away because nine times out of ten that will not change.

I accept myself, even though I do not like some of my past actions (keyword past) I know that it taught me everything I know today. I can be a better me tomorrow and I will (God willing), but this is the key to life. We must realize that nobody should be able to control another human being. WE ALL have free will and that is the best gift we have been given. I made all my choices good or bad. I have listened to the advice of others, but in the end, I chose yes or no. Think of how you act and what you want, but extend the same courtesy to others. We can all be a lot less frustrated and angry if we just allow ourselves to be and also allow others the same.

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