Feeling Good

Well everybody we made it another work week. I am feeling good today, not because everything is great and definitely not because it is perfect...but simply because I feel good. I am doing the best I can, with the situation I am in. I am ready for life and it is an amazing feeling. I have a major test on Sunday that I feel highly unprepared for, but if it is meant to happen it will and if not well I can always try again or another door will open for me. Life is too short and uncertain to walk around stressed out and mad. I mentioned on plenty of posts that I refuse to let past situations mold my future greatness.

Please, I hope that I am able to pass this very important thought to you, life is full of problems no matter what situation you find yourself in. You have to go through the rain to appreciate the sunny day and to see the rainbow. I think the forecast right now for me is partly cloudy with a chance of rain, but hey I have gotten rained on before and trust me I learned how to dance in the rain. Feel Good the way I do, despite the problems!!!!

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