The keyword for the reminder of my life is patience. I have become very good and not worrying about the things I cannot control and working hard at the ones I can. Life does not always (well more than less) occur on our time frame. We definitely should create a timeline and time managed goals, but along the way things can and often do come up. The thing we should know is that if we are passionate about a specific goal, regardless if it is to have a family, get a degree, new career, or whatever we can achieve it. Understanding that sometimes things are not in our hands will make the ride smoother. One thing that always throws me off my game is frustration. When I am frustrated I sleep bad, I forget to eat, my mind is always going one million mile per hour and these all equal a recipe for failure.

I do not know if it is due to the fact that I have stumbled a lot, but I have built a resisitence. I have started to take the good with the bad and just rearrange certain goals. I still have the same goals as I did since the start of time, but I am taking advantage of where life has broght me. When I left the United States I thought great now I am taking steps back...wonderful, but that was the extent of my complaint. Fast forward to one-year later and I see that I was able to accomplish many things...1) I was able to finish my degree (I would have anyways, but it is on that list) 2) I have been able to play soccer mom (work, school, and other stuff would have made it hard to always be there) 3) I started this blog and the radio show (this is something I can almost guarantee I would not have done). Now I am starting to see that even though my life took a little change in the path, I am still on the road to my destination.

Patience is the great thing that has helped me get through. Learning to not worry and concentrating on the things that are beyond my control. Life is hard enough for us to keep up the crap and we need to try to minimize that as much as we can. Try and make this a way of life for you and you will see what a difference it makes. Be blessed and handle it to the best of your ability, love you all.

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