Conversations with a few of my friends and listeners of the BreezySays radio show leads me to believe that in today's society people are afraid to be themselves. It seems that many would rather go with the masses instead of standing out. How lame will the world be if everyone imitates specific people? Do not get me wrong, I know there have always been imitators and some claim that imtation is the first form of flattery, but I do not like this trend. I do dress in what I consider to be in style and what not, but what I mean is when people mold their whole being after someone else. Are we becoming scared of the unknown or of being considered weird so much that we push aside our differences and conform?

I say I will continue to be me. I will continue to stay true to my heart and do what makes me happy. It took so many years for me to be comfortable in my own skin, that I cannot even fathom taking over the skin of someone else. I refuse to sound or look like that "hot chicks" in entertainment. Yes, I know I am not at that level of world reknowed acknowledgement yet....but when I get there they will know that is Ms.Breezy's style. I feel that I have to accept me for who I am (a little nerdy, a little hood, a little anal, definitely not politically correct...etc), but all that makes me unique and I love it. Of course I make changes here and there, but they are not changes that cause me to be a new person, but an improved version of me. So, I guess I am imitating someone, I am imitating the future Breezy and that is the best Breezy I can be!

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