Have you ever been in a situation that people ask you if you are insane? I definitely have. I consider myself a smart person, there are other people that use the same adjective to describe me, but then there re some that consider me insane. Well I know for a fact that I am book smart, simply because I did and do well scholastically. As a teenager, I lacked a lot of what people refer to as "street smart," I did not know about the game some men play, I did not know about the fast life or drug game, and I sure as hell did not know about all the nasty things people will do to each other with no remorse. Once I experienced a lot of these different circumstances I became very bitter. I told myself the world is just a nasty place and did not want to do any better than others, because I did not see an ultimate benefit in doing better.

Do you see how this could have raised a problem? Well, because I stopped thinking many things through, I brought a lot of terrible situations on myself. There are some people that call this self-sabotage, but that is exactly what I did. The thing about this is that when we do bad, even if not caught, most of us have a conscience<----that may be worse than any punishment others can inflict on us. The good thing about me though is that I found out a great thing about myself. I am not insane!!!! WHY???? Well, when I realized I was not getting the result I wanted I made a change in myself. The thing about it is some people never make a change, instead they remain doing the same thing expecting a different result (pure definition of insanity). We will lose our "words of wisdom" on these ears, they may hear us, but until they are ready to listen and act...that is time we are losing trying to help them.

My words to everyone today is if you go through some bad situations make the necessary changes. If you do not make changes in your actions then please expect the same result you have been receiving. I will never say do not go through them, because everything I went through made me more knowledgeable in that situation and when I speak about them, I am speaking through experience. I made it and anybody else can, we just have to want more for ourselves. I hear parents talking about the things their kids go through and how they wish they would listen more. Believe me I know my parents were saying the same thing about not stop giving that parental advice, but please understand nobody is going to listen until they are ready. Hopefully it will be sooner than later. We should all learn from our mistakes or we may as well get accustomed to being classified as insane.

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