Stop blaming Life

I was talking to one of my best friends yesterday and she said something I heard many times before, but feel the need to address with you all today. She said "life dealt me a bad hand" and all I could say at the time was me to. As the night went by and I slept thinking about that and put myself in life's shoes <----YES! I am just a little crazy. Anyways I thought about everything I have been through and the decisions I made. I concluded that for me I cannot really blame life for much of my circumstances. I do not have any diseases or sicknesses, I do not have anything abnormally wrong with me, with that being said I concluded that life has actually treated me very good. Many of my poor decision making is what has ultimately brought pain and bad circumstances upon me. I would like you to ask yourself the same thing I did "do I have anything that I cannot change or was actually life given to me that is holding me back?" If you answer no to this question than you need to stop blaming life for your poor decision making. Life dealt us a great hand, we just decided to play it badly and now that we find ourselves on the losing side of the game we want to blame something or someone else, when the only one to blame is us.

Another thing that she said during this conversation was a question...she asked me "how are you so strong and things do not bother you?" I answered her honestly and said "I am not as strong as you think, but I do not stay stuck on the bad circumstances." This is the only way I have known to live life. I have not had a rainbow-filled, candy-coated life. I have had family problems, educational issues, financial set-backs, incarceration, and many other things that some are fortunate not to ever go through. The difference between many and myself is that I did not let these problems deter me from continuing to grow. When I find myself in a new situation that I do not like, I start looking for a bright side and once I find it, that is all I concentrate on. Not that I avoid the bad<----we have to deal with the bad, but we do not have to let it take over our lives.

Breaking down today's messages to you. In the first part of today's post I basically want you to walk away understanding that we sometimes are the only ones to blame for our troubles, the moment we acknowledge them, we can start working on changing the circumstances. We are much more powerful and in control than we give ourselves credit for. The second part of today's post I want you to walk away thinking that we do not have to dwell and be miserable because of a bad circumstance we are going through. We have a lot of good things happening around us and to us on a daily basis. We need to concentrate on that and break away from the negative mind frame. I say this because it is what I do and it works. We have to work at being happy or we can stay miserable, but at the end of the day only you can make that choice and only you have to live with it.

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