Bigger Picture

Yesterday was a sad day for many people whom were fighting, hoping, and praying for Troy Davis to not get executed. Well around 11pm est time he lost all his appeals and was put to death in Georgia.  I will not speak on that case, but about people in general. A lot of people had no idea who this man was until a few days agon, even though his case his been around for over 20 years. At the same time some were begging and pleading, others were still complaining about the new facebook changes.

Also another thing that erks me is the people that get all their news from either one social site or one news source. We need to start researching all the options available for us to get information. I mean seriously look at how many celebrities are killed off because people mad a rumor viral. People sometimes get upset over the circumstances surounding a problem, but they were never able to properly defend themselves due to lack of knowledge or the fact that they did not go after their rights. I am not saying this was the case with Troy Davis, because from the information I gathered he has been trying. I ask that you start researching and acquiring as much knowledge as you can, I know I am.

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