Do it Right

Life isn't a test, we don't have to study and be prepared because we almost always have to be ready at any given moment. What we should do is take lots and lots of mental notes. If you go through a tough time, relationship, money problems...make sure to keep mental steps on how to avoid that same problem again. We don't get lectures on how to go through it all and a lot of it is learn as you go<----did you catch that word???? I said learn!!! There is many instances in my life where I made the same mistake over and over again because I refused to learn the lesson the first time life threw it at me. I laugh when people ask me why I am not dating or why I don't go out anymore...right now I am taking some time off to realize what I truly want in a relationship and what I want to achieve in life.

I love the fact that I went through my life phases and learned things from my mistakes. They are not all easy to learn because we are humans and a part of being human is not wanting to admit our wrongs, but when we finally get fed up with repeating cycles we break down and build up into better people. Weekend homework assignment for all my readers is try to break a nasty cycle.

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