Asset or Liability

These terms are something very important in business...but we can use them in our personal lives as well. The term asset means: a useful or valuable quality, person, or thing; an advantage or resource<---do you see how powerful that very small word is. Now lets define liablility... Something for which one is liable; an obligation, responsibility, or debt<---this is just as powerful as an asset, but on the opposite side of the spectrum. What you have to do in life is maximize your assets, while minimizing your liabilities. There are a lot of things that hold us back because we refuse to cut them out. There are friendships, relationships, family, and more that come into our lives looking like an asset, but quickly becomes a liability and now we cannot let go.

Stop telling yourself you can't let go of what is bad for you. Why would you want to be responsible for a person that can't bring anything beneficial to you? A young man was stating his unhappiness about the music industry yesterday and I quickly realized he knows nothing about the business side of it. YES!!!! Music is supposed to be an art and yes we should look for talent, but once people started making money, it became the music "business" and regardless of the artistry factor it is still a business. If you want to promote your music and don't have time, nor the connections, nor can properly figure out your demographic than you have to pay someone to do that. I try to give free advice all the time, but I have people asking me "can you talk to so and so for me" "can you get me in with this DJ" "can you book me for a show" nooooooo I can't. I WORKED to get my business relationships, now let's say I do everything for free and you make it...let's be real, 9 x out of 10 I won't even get a thank you. WHY? There is not artist I personally know that wants to do music just for fun and to let people hear it. Yes, it's your passion, but you ultimately would like to get paid for your gifts.

Guess what...djs, managers, promoters, events hosts, bookers, studio owners, producers<----they all would like to get paid for what they do as well. I personally have a passion for business, that's why I went to school for it, invested my time and money into it, learned, and now I run my own. I have run the family business for over 10 years, but now it's all about BreezySays. Why would I go through everything I did, to give away my time and service? Sorry guys I am all about adding people who are an asset to me and limiting my liablilties and you should do the same. Stop pretending people are bad because they want to make money, at the end of the day...SO do YOU!! Welcome to a brand new week!
Ms. Breezy

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