No Limit

I woke up early this morning and had a phone meeting with client. We discussed how so many people limit what they can do because they are scared or unwilling to invest. When I say the word invest it does not always mean money. Some people are afraid to invest the necessary time, patience, and care into their own goals. Why do you say you want to do something, but are not willing to put forth the effort and then get frustrated when you see others acheiving what you would like?

I can without a doubt tell you all what it is like to claim to want something, get mad because I didn't acheive it, and then complain as to why it isn't happening for me. For a while in my life I said I am going to lose weight and eat better...but it was always "not today, I am going to start tomorrow" and then a tear or two passed by and I would think " damn I haven't lost one pound yet" <---well duh!!! Tomorrow never came, I limit myself by not putting forth the effort of going for walks, or drinking water instead of soda, and so on. I finally said "fuck it, today I am going for a walk" and guess what that walk turned into a jog, which turned into "I am not eating that cheeseburger today, because all my work would be lost" finally I began to lose weight and tone my body.

When we stop giving ourselves excuses and reasons why not...we will notice that we can and we will start acting on our thoughts. Do not limit yourself, because everything in life is hard. The same thing that is hard for you might not be hard for me, but I have things I want that is hard to get. Do not base your goals and acheivements on another person's scale. You are an individual and you are the only person that can make it happen for yourself. Of course, there will be people that can help along the way, there will also be people that can slow us down....but you stay on course. This has been your Tuesday post and I am going to make shit happen, join me!!!
Ms. Breezy

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