Who got your back?

This post comes straight from familial issues, not my inner circle. I seen that at times people that are supposed to have your back because of strong ties. Do they really? I see many folks complaining about their family ain't shit and I always think wow these people are crazy. Then I see that in my family there are issues as well, not with me personally, but among each other. I have always felt that we should trust people, but also keep track of our own things. Human instinct is to protect one's self at all times. I wish I could say a happy go-lucky story about how family always looks out for you and how we can blindly trust someone that is a part of us. Truth be told we can only know and be responsible for our actions. We should at all times have our own backs, have an eye on our affairs, and make sure we know what is going on at all times. We cannot blame others for pulling the rug under us when we gave them permission to do so. I stopped allowing these things happen in my life, because I took control over myself and what I want in my life. Have your own back, stop giving away the little powers over yourself that you do have. Once we allow others to control and/or dictate our moves, they will become accustomed to doing so and it will be harder than ever to take our position back. Let's recognize our strength and weakness, life is too complicated for us not to know what we can and cannot do. This is what I have for this Wednesday!!! Hope you take control, as I continue to grow in my own life. Ms. Breezy

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