Az 1 Meets Nina Ross Da Boss

Az1: Who is Nina Ross Da Boss?

Nina Ross Da BossNina Ross is a girl, she’s from Tampa, Florida, she ambitious, and she ‘bout dat. I’m gonna tell you where Nina Ross Da Boss came from. Nina is a name that I used when I danced. I used to dance…so I was just Nina. Being a pretty face I always ran into problems, it was always girls hatin on me, always had issues about dudes and stuff like that. So I started toning them out, and everyone started calling me Nina Ross. So it just went from there, I was like “I’m Nina Ross I’m Nina Ross”. I’m 25, I’ve been out here doing my thing since I was 18, and I get money! So I started bossin’, like all the girls in my age range and weight class, y’all beneath me, y’all up under me I boss all y’all. I tell everybody what to do. So people started calling me The Boss. So I started opening up businesses and really employing people, so that’s Nina Ross Da Boss.

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