Message from Ms.Breezy (@IamBreezySays)

Last night I decided to take a hiatus from all the social networks. Not because they are a problem in my life, but simply because it's a lot of anger, hate, and nonsense on them. I simply need to concentrate on the things I have going on and am doing. There are times when my day is already a little on the bad side and then to go on the sites and see others feeling down or in some bullshit just makes me feel worse.

I think the social sites (at least in my case) are very impersonal. The majority of my "friends" on there, don't really know me. I am not comfortable displaying my vulnerability or issues, because I feel most really don't care. I have my close family (I don't call them friends) whom I can call, text, or whatever other communication we have, so to showcase my mess online to me is a no-no. I used to do it and a lot of people thought I was some angry person, that was when I realized that's what people choose to focus on.

There are days when I would post inspirational quotes and nice I couldn't get a like, comment, RT, or anything. Now the minute I post some "That sorry bitch this" or "that lame ass dude", everybody and they mama would now be "concerned". Pure unadulterated bullshit, like grade A, top notch, bullshit. I decided on those days or weeks that I'm feeling some type of way or going through something personal, it is best to just avoid it.

My personal stance on things: if there are more people who really could care less about my well being, than my business needs to remain my business. The people that care will contact me outside of the media. All that putting on and flagging to me, is not beneficial and won't really help me move forward.

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