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Let's talk about planning, because it seems some people use the concept and mess their own goals up. Planning is a thought process, which without action is simply a dream. We have to execute our plans in order to achieve our goals. The planning phase can have some downfalls and I will briedly speak on them.

One of my main rules when it comes to planning is to make sure that my plans are realistic. Nothing sucks more than having a goal and not reaching it. On the opposite side of that, please create some sort of challenge for yourself. If it is that easy for you to do, just get it done. Don't waste time on something that can be done if you'd just hurry up and get to it.

My next rule when it comes to planning and setting goals is, BE CAREFUL with who I tell my plans to. Why? Well at the moment I might just be in the planning phase, some people might be at the "I have resources and no plan" ... when you provide them with a plan, they may jump ahead of you and execute it, leaving you behind.

The last, but most important rule in planning, is the act required to turn my plans into reality. I give myself a time table of how long each phase should take. How long will it take me to gather my resources, what date would I like to achieve said plan, and how many hours I can work on it daily. 

These are my top 3 rules in planning and goal chasing. I have done this for the last 2 years and goals have been reached. Of course, it takes trial and error. What works for me, may not work for you. I simply believe in providing my tips and if it sounds good to you...just do it. If not, find your own way. 

Keep It Moving babes and let's reach our goals.

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