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Man today I don't even know how to address this topic. O well here goes nothing LOL. Have you ever seen someone really ticked off about what another person does, only to think, ummmm you do the same exact thing? Recently I've noticed that from a few people. They will down talk, call out, and point fingers about a habit or what not that somebody they don't respect does, but they turn around and do the same thing. 

Trust me, this blog is not intended to call anyone out. I will only try to "enlighten". The thing that caught my attention was, that I need to look deeper into myself. Are there habits that I see in other people that piss me off, but I am guilty of doing the same? I realized that OF COURSE there are. For instance, I hate when people say "I'll call you back" but never do...I hate when people arrive late, but I am usually 10-15 min late (social functions, I don't play about money lol).

How do we fix this??? I don't have a 100%, test driven fact to give you all. Like I said, this was a more recent discovery for me. What I have been doing is trying to catch myself in these acts that I deem undesirable and correcting myself. It isn't easy to acknowledge our bullshit, because it's easier to watch the world around us, than the person within us. Any of my daily readers experience this, feel free to comment and share how you go about correcting this. Remember it is only yourself that you can change, so instead of people watching and getting worked up over something you can't fix, concentrate on the one that you can. We all have room for improvement. 

Have a great day. :)

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