Ms. Breezy @IamBreezySays) talks Trinidad James (@TrinidadJamesGG)

Sorry about the pic, but it was too funny not to share, hope his first payment is at the dentist office. Anywho, I see a lot of frustrated and mad rappers today. Why are you mad? Is it because Trinidad doesn't have "talent"? Is it because he's only been at it for a short few months??? Listen the fact of the matter is, A LOT of people like his music. The bigger and most important fact is BUDGET. This man put a lot of money behind his music, his promo, his marketing...he spent a shit load visiting different markets and networking.

Let's get real for a minute. I will say from my own experience, most artists whom have a different sound, or may not be as good as the next usually have a BIGGER budget and are willing to invest in themselves. While the artists whom are a little more "talented" more than likely expect a handout. I am not saying everything is about the money, but without money we are limited as to what we can do. I can't offer my services for free, because I have bills to pay. Hell I can't do my job without an awesome computer, internet connection, and electric.

Another thing that I noticed is, artists that feel the industry should be a certain way are unlikely to take the advice of people who are in the industry. If I have been on conference calls with major artists, have links with major labels, PR firms and more, why wouldn't you accept the things I tell you as fact. I don't even have that much time on my hands to take on more responsibility, but I will share the knowledge for free. (which most my colleagues tell me I am crazy for doing) Let's be real, this retreats and conferences all will tell you the same thing...the formula is usually the same, so you either get with it or work HARD as hell to go against it, but knocking the ones who did it and got on, just makes you look lame in my book.

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