Super Hoe (@KarrineSteffans) Loves Lil Wayne (@LilTunechi) Sleeps with Bow Wow (@YMCMB_BW) Married to another

I promised myself I wasn't going to report on Karrine this week. Especially not that week ass "I LOVE LIL WAYNE" story, but I just couldn't stay away.

Now the reason I didn't want to report on that lame ass Wayne story is because if you have read "Confessions of a Video Vixen" then you know her "LOVE" don't really mean much.

Why do I say that? Well, hell the men that did treat her with some kind of respect she sold out on. Now back to today...Lawd all in a matter of 2-3 days, she releases a statement about how her and Wayne have this beautiful connection and it's not physical, yada yada yada. Then today she releases a video after having hot lovely relations with Bow Wow. I mean girl ain't that Tunechi ready for retirement?? Hell I really don't care about who you sexing, but it's just silly to do all of that for PUBLICITY. Anyways there go your two minutes on Breezy Says.

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