Are you in the music INDUSTRY or not? via @IamBreezySays

I have been scratching my head for the last three months; no I don’t have lice…LOL!!! Seriously though, I have been wondering just what goes on with certain people who call themselves a part of the music industry. The music industry is exactly what it says, a form/branch of economic or commercial activity involving music. At the moment you bring in the words economic and commerce (commercial), you are conducting transactions which involve money.

The sad honest truth about hip hop is that many people look at it as a hustle or a genre in which we do not have to have our business together. This general thought process irks and frustrates me like no other. There are artists who don’t have themselves legally protected and businesses operating w/out proper documentation. It’s a vicious circle and when you attempt to REQUIRE people step to you correctly, you are then labeled as a “sellout” or “boogie” or whatever other term people who don’t have their shit together say.

There have been artists whom contacted me saying they need investors… I ask them; where is your business plan and if I give you $1000.00 what are your projections as to when I will be getting my $1000.00 plus some back? I probably lost some of you on that plus some, well do you think I’m just in the business of interest free loans? I am in business to make money, it is a multi-million dollar INDUSTRY, and there are no FREE LOANS. If I hand you $1000.00, I expect a return. I understand to some of you being a music artist is your DREAM, well my dream was to become a self-employed woman and NOBODY invested in my dream. As I always say “only thing given to me is opportunity”…you all have opportunity, but if you don’t realize you have to have your business right, then just do music for your family and friends. Stop blaming people who INVESTED or had their shit right and found an INVESTOR for your lack of preparation.

Now before you say I am IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY, ask yourself IF you really are. In order to be in business you need to have your paperwork in order. When I say paperwork, I mean everything from a business plan to actual MONEY. YES, I know there are only a small few people who have their things together and some are still working on it, but to completely ignore the fact that it’s needed, just means you are not serious about being in business, so why the hell would I do business with you?

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