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Today, I am taking a different route to my blog. I am going to be touching on the disillusion of the social network. I am very disturbed by some of the actions I've seen and learned a lot from some of the actions I used to commit. Come along and let's ride on a fantastic voyage, yessuh I'm going to talk about the magic some are living in today's social media.

By now, most of you have watched "The Social Network" and if you can recall, the initial idea behind the social network was for people that actually knew each other to keep up with each other. Fast forward, we all know for a fact that this isn't the case anymore. Many of us, of course, myself included, are "friends" with people we don't even know. Some of us, probably many, are "friends" with people we don't even like. That is the reality of today's social network. It doesn't bother me, because I have built some friendships that are stronger online, than some offline. On the other hand the nonsense is through the roof.

Now, let's talk about the magic of social media. The greatest thing social media did was cut advertising costs. The worst thing social media did, was create an avenue where people without foundation can build mansions on quick sand. What do I mean by that? Well, many people use the social media for networking. The slogan is "network to build your net worth" lawd don't kill me with it. Honestly, there are a lot of people who have zero net worth networking with others with zero net worth. I'm not a mathematician or anything, but I learned zero plus zero equals zero. Welp, in the social media glitz n glamour, it actually can add up to a lot, if they reach the right amount of people.

There are people whom have no real talent or business, but they think because people are socializing, they are now famous. Come on man, that's the point of the online community now, to socialize, grow, and build....just don't give us too much. There are women posting nothing, but ass pics and swear they're Americas Next Top Model because of likes. There are artists releasing music based on likes, buying views, and fans thinking labels aren't hip to this and will sign them. There are businesses without licenses, tax ids, or anything else, but a logo making good money selling dreams. All of these people have one thing in common, they feel like celebrities. They claim to have fans, but really those women only have men wanting to sleep with them....those artists have yet to sell a 99cent track or book a paid gig, and those businesses open and close faster than a hooker on the stroll. Am I wrong for not believing in the hype, some say I am? O well!

Let's all just come back to the real world for a moment. I'm not here to shit on anyone's dream, I'm here to say don't let the internet fool you into thinking you're achieving it. Of course, there are people who hit some real-life status because of Internet fame, the majority though are at home spamming us and eating ramen noodles. Anyone out there that wants to achieve real success please be real with yourself first. Take your art/business/career seriously. Online social media can paint a beautiful picture after you add all the filters and Photoshop to it, but what happens when you walk into the real world?

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