[Single] Fli University (@fliuniversity) - Do You via @MissAtown2U

Who are Fli University? Simply stated by King Tone "Money, Music, Mary Jane." Fli University is all about making the theme song to, not only the greats nights of your life, but to your life in general. Fli University is not only a music group, its a movement, its a way of life. You are a part of Fli University if you live your life carefree, love music, love to party, have good fashion sense and don't have time for life's hang ups.

Fli University, Fli U, or F.U. brings a distinct and diverse sound from the south. The group consists of 3 Members: Malik aka Leak (Producer/Rapper/Singer), MT aka Teezy 808 (Producer/Rapper/Singer), and King Tone (Rapper). The group makes music that makes you reminisce of Outkast, providing a "Dirty South" sound laced with melodious hooks, heavy bass lines, witty lyrics, and party anthems.

Connect w/ Fli University
Instagram: FliUniversity
Follow the 3 Members of Fli University:

MT aka Teezy 808
Twitter: @Teezy808_
Instagram: Teezy_808

Malik aka Leak
Twitter: @BEMG_Leak
Instragram: BEMG_Leak

King Tone
Twitter: @KingTony6
Instagram: freeworld_world

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