[Single] Haji Osbourne (@hajiosborne) ft @iamzuse & @mikefresh - Mo Money, Mo Problems

Haji Osbourne (@HajiOsborne) is an indie artist that has a different story to tell. He has been diagnosed with cancer, tumors, and sarcoidosis; but the tumors are the worse due to severe pain. On his journey he began taking RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) and it shrunk the tumor, but he couldn't afford the medicine anymore and so stopped taking it, which the tumor grew back. Canna Connection and Freedom Fighter Farms helped him first, then Oregon's Finest and Ra Industries helped him by providing him with free Harlequin RSO, and then Canna Daddy's and Sirius Extracts (2014 Cannabis Cup Winner for Concentrates) helped me with giving me their decarboxylated oil at cost. Follow his journey and support him by listening to his latest track "Mo Money, Mo Problems" and be on the lookout for his upcoming mixtape.

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