[Mixtape] DJ Banga (@thedumpoffkid) & @DJ864 - In The Mind Of A Goon (Hosted By @WakaFlockaBSM)

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA—Timothy Wilson Jr. is not only Virginia’s undisputed mixtape king but also a self-proclaimed hustler.
“I really look up to Puff Daddy. He’s a jack of all trades and that’s what I am. I make music. I promote artists, and I’m a father holding down a fulltime job, too,” stated the talented DJ.
The 30-year-old, who’s known by his stage name of DJ Banga or “the dump off kid,” has been creating mixtapes since 1999. It’s something he’s pretty good at—so good he’s worked with some of the biggest names in hip hop—including most recently rapper Waka Flocka for his latest project.
“I’ve known Waka since before he was even a rapper,” he explained.
According to Wilson, the two first met at one of Gucci Mane’s after parties in his home turf several years ago.

The two paired up for “In The Mind Of A Goon” which features 25 upbeat tracks guaranteed to get any party started.

In addition to producing mixtapes, in 2011 Banga and his partner Mr. Everything, also known as DJ Play, founded Dump Off DJs which is comprised of various types of DJs that service records for both Indy and major artists.
To learn more about DJ Banga visit him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You can listen to his latest mixtape featuring Waka Flocka by clicking here.

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