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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA—It wasn’t that long ago that Jordan Goodrow-Jones, who goes by the name Global Not Local when performing, left the small-town life in Michigan for life in the fast lane on the Las Vegas strip. So far the move across the country has only catapulted his music career to the next level.

“The change of the scenery has been amazing. Back home in Michigan, there’s just grass and trees everywhere. Out here in Vegas, it’s completely different. It’s amazing,” stated the talented rapper.

For the last year and a half, the Michigan native has been working extra hard on this first commercial EP titled “It’s My Pleasure.” The seven-track project will be released later this summer.

“One time I was at a Cheese Cake Factory, the waitress just gave me the food and said ‘It’s my pleasure.’ I was thinking, ‘Hold up. That’s catchy.’ It sounds different but then I started to expand from it,” he stated.

For the young artist, he says his latest project is reminiscent of the music from the movie “300” with a little hip hop flavor added in the mix.

“The intro is dark-heavy. You have your eyes closed and you’re just in deep thought. That’s the vibe of the music. It has power to it. It’s more cinematic,” he stated.

The first single off the new EP is a catchy track called “Watch Out.” According to Global Not Local, the song takes a jab at his ex-girlfriend.

“Before I came out to Vegas I had a girlfriend I had a long term relationship. I came here to Vegas and I was out here for a year and some stuff happened,” he stated. “In the song I say ‘I had a girl for five years. I was gone for five months, and she f*cked five different dudes. Now doesn’t that sound like a slut?’”

So far, he says his ex has yet to hear the song. Along with the release of his latest project, his original music score can be heard at the upcoming Gladiators Live: Sanginem—a live entertainment show in Vegas.

“One day I was hanging with my Uncle who worked at Tournament Of Kings, when Steven (Phenager) the creator of Gladiators Live: Sanguinem came up to me. They liked my music, and the rest is history,” stated Global Not Local. “It’s an amazing feeling to have my music featured in the show. It’s cool to know that I don’t even have to do anything. I can just sit back and watch people and see how the music keeps this amazing perception of the show going.”

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Although this is his debut commercial EP to the world, don’t expect it to be his last. Global Not Local says he’s on a mission to take his music to the next level and prove the haters wrong. To learn more about the up-and-coming rapper, check him out on, Facebook and Twitter.

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