[Video] Crisis901 (@thebatman81) - May Day Remix Ft. J Trillz, Champ, Twuan G, and Fridae Blaque

I'm not the average rapper. I'm not your average singer. I'm not your average poet. I'm not your average thinker. My earliest memories in music were illustrations of me at school lunch tables spitting to fit in only to find out that my talent is too vast to conform to any mold they could cast me in. I grew up singing in the church so music has been in me my whole life. I was born and raised in Memphis, TN with every opportunity to become the same strand of poison infecting my city with negativity, but instead, I used my desire for change and protecting good music positively. Growing up i still showed love to my city's pioneers like 3 6 Mafia, Project Pat, and Playa Fly, but I draw inspiration from all music. I enjoy everything from acoustic rock to the grittiest of Dubstep. That versatility is what gives my music that fresh sound that we all long for. Music is the voice of the people, so expect me to speak for those whose voices are deafened by the roars of Mainstream conformity. After teaming up with MSG 98+2 & The Agency, Crisis901 is slated to be a force....... #CallMe901 #IamMemphis #ForeverMusic #Undisputed #Mobstarz #TheAgency
Twitter: @thebatman81
Instagram : @Crisis901

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