[Video] Soda Boy (@SodaBoyMusic) - Now or Never

MINNEAPOLIS, MN—Soda Boy has plenty to smile about these days. After the recent debut of his new single “Now or Never,” fans can’t seem to get enough of it.
“Throughout my whole career, I’ve never had a negative response to my music,” explained Soda Boy. “So I’m very pleased with how people are responding to the track.”
Soda Boy says the new single is essentially about making things happen for yourself—rather than waiting for someone to make them happen for you.
“A lot of people talking about doing things in their life all the time, but they never do it. The only way you’ll know the outcome is if you try,” explained Soda Boy. “That’s basically what ‘Now or Never’ is about—taking the initiative to do things yourself.”
And that’s exactly what Soda Boy is doing.
“It took everything I had to put together this project,” he stated. “This is basically my baby. This my debut to the world.”
Soda Boy is much more than a rapper, too. He’s a producer, song writer and promoter. His latest single comes from his brand new mixtape titled “Rap is my Trap.”
“The title came from the fact that rap is about a different way of making money,” stated Soda Boy. “I’m letting them know you don’t have to sell drugs, gang bang, rob and steal in real life—you can do it on a record as long as you know what you’re doing.”
So far, his latest project is performing extremely well online, and he says he hopes to keep that momentum going for as long as possible.
“My single has been doing really good online. It’s had about 70,000 plays on the actual single and that’s not doing any promotions,” stated Soda Boy.
Influenced by artists like Too Short, Lil’ Wayne, Jay-Z and P. Diddy—Soda Boy says he was born to rap, doing it professionally for the last five years.
“My latest mixtape has a little swing to it. Minneapolis is like a melting pot. People don’t move to Chicago. They don’t move to Detroit. They don’t move to Milwaukee. They move to Minneapolis, MN. We get a taste of everything,” explained Soda Boy.
According to Soda Boy, in the next five years he sees himself becoming an entertainment mogul.
“I see myself as the Jay-Z of my state. I see myself as the P. Diddy of my city. I see myself as a label force that brings out real good talent. I am the new, now and the next,” stated Soda Boy.
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