XVI Diamond Awards Mixtape hosted by @BiggaRankin00, @TonyDavisTheDJ, & @DJNeutron

The Diamond Awards formerly known as the Duval Diamond Awards
inaugurated 16 years ago by Bigga Rankin was established to celebrate
not only the major artists from the south, but as a way to put Duval
on the map as a major entertainment market. Artists such as Rick Ross,
Yo Gotti, Young Jeezy, Trina and 2Chainz won their first music awards
at the former Duval Diamond Awards and went on to major stardom. This
is not your average local awards show, we have grown past the trials,
the haters, and the doubters...even though they still exist, we are
proud to say that every year we get "Bigga and Better" Diamond Awards
“Building Legacies through Generations.” The official Diamond Awards
mixtape celebrates the artists whom have dedicated their time into
making quality music and are not afraid to invest in the advancement
of their career. Hosted by Bigga Rankin himself, Tony Davis The DJ,
and DJ Neutron with the mixing done by our Engineer of the year winner
DJ Stikuhbush, we present to you the XVI Diamond Awards Mixtape.
"Greatness Over Time."

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@BiggaRankin00, @TonyDavisTheDJ, @DJNeutron
@BiggaRankin00, @TonyDavisTheDJ2Day, @DJNeutron

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