[Single] Don P (@DonP18) - Hangover

California Brooklyn born Don P grew up amongst New York hustlers, and when he saw his way out via the Marines, he jumped at the chance to make something of his life. It wasn’t until after serving during a tour to Japan that music became a priority. His “gift of the gab” turned into his lifelong passion, determined to make a name for himself and his brand across the country and beyond. “While in California I rediscovered my passion for music,” explains the artist. “I began free styling and recording myself…music became apart of me.

The performer’s music can be described as “observational rap.” Using his life’s story and surroundings as inspiration, often reflecting on political and societal issues effecting the country and Don P personally. His 2013 album Deprogrammed detailed his personal struggles and perspective about life in the military and how it affected his everyday life. Ultimately, Don P’s goal is to make his music relatable; even when the artist is writing about something deeply personal, he does it in such a way that it reaches out and grabs the listener. “Observation is my tool in writing,” says Don P, “My #1 goal is to make sure I understand.”

Don P’s May 6th single “Hangover” is what the artist calls a “modern political” anthem. He explains the song is derived from his experiences with alcohol. Functioning as a self-proclaimed “conscious alcoholic,” the song chronicles both the positive and negative effects drinking had on the artist’s life. Alcohol had a profound effect on Don P’s music, and though drinking brought him an immense amount of pain, he prefers to think back on it with a positive mindset, therefore the song is an upbeat party song.

Positivity drives much of what Don P does as a musician. Says the artist of his musical aspirations, “I want this to be my life. But, as long as I’m putting positivity out into the world and I’m heard, I’m happy.”

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