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Los Angeles, CA Innovation meets inspiration for Myke Valley, an upcoming artist about to release his EP, Yellow. The young performer discovered his musical destiny when a baseball injury stopped his athletic career in its tracks. Music, which had formerly been a hobby, came to the forefront of Valley’s pursuits, and became his utmost priority. He and his brother Jack Johnny (who serves as his Executive Producer and a consultant for all things business and music oriented) began their journey. The result was approximately 30 songs ripe for the picking, a few of which make their way onto Myke Valley’s first project. Additionally, audiences can look forward to hearing his single “305” which will make its way onto the airwaves in the coming months.

Myke Valley’s music is a culmination of sounds; the result of dynamic taste in music, which spans from rock, to R&B, and beyond. “The beat and music come first, and then the lyrics.” The artist finds himself inspired by failures and struggle, as well as by happy times. When emotions are ripe, the music follows. “I’m trying to redefine where sound is,” explains the rapper, “Innovation is where I make my money.”

The 21-year-old performer has an impressive work ethic, and his music is entirely his own. The EP, from the lyrics right down to the production and performance is entirely Myke Valley’s own work, equal parts engineer and rapper. Yellow is the result of Valley toying with more melodic sounds, as opposed to the traditional rap he’s used to. He spent the last summer making new songs every day, and ultimately decided to hand pick a few to put out into the world. According to Valley, there’s room for more. “I have a lot in the locker,” says the artist, and he plans on following the success of Yellow with other likeminded projects. Myke Valley is determined and eager to share his success with other people in his current situation, with dreams of becoming a musical sensation. “If I were to make it, my message would be that you can do anything you work at,” he says, “Anything you can see yourself doing. It’s all possible.”

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