[Video] JutsMusic ft Casual Jamar - Different Kinda Love

Viva Entertainment Artist JutsMusic Official Music Video
Bodega Vapes : BSE : The25er : Matrix Blitz Media( Presents
#DKL - Different Kinda Love ft. Casual Jamar Prod by G Cue Prod.
Follow on his adventure with AidVigo as they explore Los Angeles California meeting from Tribal Cafe in LA. From China town to Venice Beach, JutsMusic takes AidVigo all around L.A. then to Glendale 103 Lounge to party it up with Casual Jamar to show her that #DKL!
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Manager: Richard Mendoza -
Director: Wolfgang Lloyd (Lloyd Johnson)
Producer: Hector Escobar -
Production Manager: Aubrey Valle Magalang, Alfredo Hernandez
Lighting Director: Jimmy Duong
Editor: Wolfgang Lloyd
Lead Actress: Aida Alonso -
Supportive Actress: Ruthie Raja -
103 Lounge - Glendale CA
2013 Dodge Charger Owned By JutsMusic

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