Straight Out The Gate Compilation CD

Contact: Dr. Charles Lester AKA Big Chaplin/Marcus Dupree AKA Dij Sparkx Phone 888-685-0480

“Straight Out The Gate Compilation Album”

A Compilation Album of EPIC PROPORTIONS, featuring The People's Choice for the HOTTEST Single on this album "Leave Her Alone" By R&B Sensations "Paul Campbell", along with some of today's Baddest, most prolific Main-Stream, AND Independent Artiste's, Such As: Jase of Soul 4 Real, BS2's, Lenny Harold, National Smooth Jazz Recording Artist Tony Exum Jr, Atlanta, Ga's own Pastor Troy, & from Houston, TX H TOWN!!! To name just a few!!!


Jan 2017-----Dr. Charles Lester, The CHAPLAIN of The Music Industry, & Dij Sparkx, The World's Most Famous DJ are proud to Announce the release of their  1st Compilation Album showcasing artists who ROCK Nationwide, available on CD, and for Download. A Truly Powerful Debut Release, allowing fans to hear a multitude of today's talents, A Virtual Showcase of extraordinary musicians, all on one offering!!! 20 electrifying Songs from Multiple Talented Artists!!!

This album compilation is sure to excite, please, & “Rocktify” your world, and your ears, as well as become an incredible musical masterpiece that strives to achieve classic status for years to come. After speaking to a film company about submitting these hits for a movie soundtrack, and having to wait a year, Dij Sparkx, along with Serious Records turned it into what is now, an awesome compilation album featuring many of today's top artists, bringing you Smash Hits from old pros and newbie's, some you already know, & some you will want to know more about!!! Serious Records Music Group and Sparkx Radio Network have outdone themselves with this Debut release!!!

LENNY HAROLD has received numerous awards for his soulful vocals, as well as received the key to the city of Newark, NJ. His melodic lyrics and soulful vocals will leave you ladies breathless!!!


TONY EXUM JR. is unique. He owns the stage, is humble, and is always willing to share the limelight with others. Hear his majesticness for yourselves.

JASE started in church at 4 years old, began singing professionally at 12, hit it big with his brothers and is STILL A Huge Fan Favorite!!!


PAUL CAMPBELL is a combination of two supremely talented singers forming a dynamic duo destined to fill many a void of broken hearts, brought to you by Bobby Brown!!! Their Smash Hit “Leave Her Alone” was selected by “You, The Fans” to Represent, and is the Heart & Soul Single!!!

Pastor Troy is an independent rapper who made his debut in 1999, & has been “featured” by Ludacris, he's released many albums over the years, and has a huge following.

H-Town, the legendary authors of the Smash “Knockin Da Boots” are here Rocking Your World!!! This Compilation Will Leave Boot Prints on your soul’s friends!!!


Now Available at These Artists are just a few of the many you will Love on this compilation Album, So what are you waiting for??? It is Time to add this to your Most Prized of Collections!!!

SERIOUS RECORDS INC. Office: 1888-685-0480


P.O. Box 7406 | West Columbia SC, 29171

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