Why do we grow up and lose focus? Sounds backwards huh? Just think, when we were kids we wanted to be something when we grew up and as we grew up some did, but some did not. Of course, there are situations beyond our control that affect our plans, but we sometimes just lose focus. We get into a mindset of I can not, when as kids we did not set a limit to our goals, we were determined and nobody could tell us otherwise. Why would you wait and grew into something other than what you know you can be? What is holding you back? Is it the fact that you did not complete school, is it the fact that you had kids, is it other people telling you that you can not? Well, let all the reasons why not go and just start telling yourself you can. Stop thinking of where you are at and put focus on where you want to go. Take the first step towards achieving the ultimate goal you set for yourself. You have to crawl and then walk, but once you walk you can run, leap, roller blade...catch my drift? It all depends on you...become as determined as a child with the knowledge that you have aquired and let that guide you.

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