Mental Slavery

Does Slavery still exist? Yes it does!!

We enslave ourselves contantly. When we have a bad day, we are so quick to say forget life or the most popular FML...Do you know how powerful your words are? You can speak life or death into people and yourself. If we wake up daily and make a constant effort to change our mentality into an "I CAN" we will begin to see and feel the difference. We will always have battles, why? Because we are alive, the dead are those who REST IN PEACE. It is how we react to the battles that makes a difference. You can choose to lay down in defeat or you can arm yourselves with knowledge, wisdom, and strength and go to war. I do not understand why people who want something expect it to be handed to them. Everybody screams about the problems, but very few take action to correct the situation. You can achieve anything you set your mind to, but there is a price for it all and that is where action comes into play. Are you really doing everything in your power to get to the next level or are you hoping that a loved one makes it and brings you along? We have to unchain ourselves from the shackles we places on our minds. Start thinking positively and working towards a new attitude and mind frame. The person that will benefit the most is you.

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