A brand new day

Hello World,
Breezy Says has arrived. I have been working on this site for so long I don't even know where to start. At first I thought let me collaborate with people and make it something major, but then I realized people were not dedicated. The thing is when you get an idea and you have a plan its not always something you need to involve others in. We all have ideas, thoughts, goals, and dreams...the problem is people are not always and willing to help or maybe they do not see it like you do. Guess what? That's Ok! Do it Yourself!!! Simple huh!!!! Why wait for people to catch on to your ideas and follow you? How about you just get up and make it happen. That's what I told myself. I said "you know what this is what I want to do and if nobody wants to join the team then I will be the team myself." People will see what you are doing after you start doing it. Not everyone has the vision you have, because sometimes its only meant for you. You can not show everyone your cards, sometimes you just have to play your cards and let them join the game on another hand! Are you following me? It is ok if you do not follow, but pay close attention, because I am not stopping anytime soon, I will stick with my vision and make it happen. I know for a fact that I have already inspired some people and you know what thats all the motivation I need to keep going! Thanks for taking time out of your day to come on this site. I hope you become a daily reader and that you share this with your friends and family.....Welcome to a piece of my world!!


Please be sure to check out our PEOPLE MAKING MOVES feature on Page 2...every month I will feature a new person actively chasing their goals.


As the days go by we will be adding new features and stories. Please if you have suggestions feel free to email us and we will be listening or post a comment.

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