Keep It Movin


“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving." Albert Einstein
When you read this quote, it should be simple to get the point. The problem is when you see who wrote the quote. To say one of the world’s geniuses wrote something so simply would be just killing his thought wrote it. He wrote this quote with the attention of people actually acting. Many people go through life reading and thinking, but at the end of the day, they have no execution. Now let us split up this quote and dig deeper. “Life is like reading a bicycle.” OK! Have you ever gone on a bike ride? First, you need to know how to ride a bike, you have to prepare for the journey, and get on it and ride. The good thing about going on a bike ride is you do not always have to have a destination, sometimes you can just start moving and in the process of your journey, you will figure out a destination. Last part of the quote says, “To keep your balance you must keep moving.” OK! Once you make the decision to hop on the bike and go you, have to move. Do not get me wrong of course, you can stop and rest the brake, and then sit on top of the bike, but what good will that does. You decided it was time to go, do not stop. If you stop the bike and try to stay on top you will fall. That is how life works; you cannot rest once you have made it. There are many people on their own journey and if you decide to rest, someone may pass you by. You owe it to yourself to keep it moving. Whenever you are on your journey and you notice that you are at a standstill scream “KIM” to yourself… (Keep it moving)

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Thanx for the inspirational msg breezy