Am I chasing my dreams or living in a dream world!


Why are so many people chasing the same dream? There are people who have been chasing that same dream for years now and have gotten nowhere, but on bad credit lane and owe everybody highway. I for sure am not trying to end up at that cross section. I know people that have children and homes, but still a fulltime dream chaser; because they just know, they will make it. I think that it is ok to have a dream and to also chase it, but when you have people that depend on your income than you need to decide what is more important. If you cannot meet your responsibilities by being on that dream chase, than maybe you need to do that as time permits. There are so many people trying to be rappers, models, singers, etc. you do not have to go far to find them. I am not saying everyone is without talent, all I am saying is watch the American Idol auditions and you will see DENIAL. We do not control situations and cannot think that just because we have talent we will make it. Then there are people that will and that leaves us literally shaking our heads in disappointment. People do not realize that all entertainment is business. These people are out to make money and it is very competitive. If you do decide to get on the same road as the next man, you need to create a plan, give yourself a time limit, and set specific goals. If after the specified period you have not crossed off anything on your goals list, it might be time to choose a new dream. There is nothing wrong with finding a job that pays your bills and chase your dreams on the side. Once your dreams allow you to let go of your steady income, then kick the bucket, and dive in those waters. I am definitely not telling anyone that chasing your dreams is stupid, but what I am saying is have a plan and follow it. Do not let your reality take a backseat to your dreams. Know where you stand financially, because many people end up broke, and there is no excuse for being unprepared and unaware of your situation...especially if you have a family!

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