Loose Tongues

By definition a loose tongue is a tactless, undiplomatic and insensitive manner of speaking, often thoughtlessly carried out, and likely to cause offense, indignation, embarrassment or emotional hurt in others. How does that sound to you? I think it is terrible to be referred by as a person with a loose tongue or to think I even deal with someone like this. In reality people with loose tongues have always caused problems because they do not think before they speak, they usually add or leave out things. Most people have either done this before or have been harmed by someone that does. The worst though is a person that could careless that they do this or those who are blinded by the fact that they do this. At first they seem harmless, because its not like people come with warning labels. The will attack though and rather quickly, because they do not have breaks on their mouth. These people usually see less, hear less, but speak the most. They might not even be at a particular scene, but can give you a 200% account of what happened...meaning they added fillers to make it seem like it was more than what it really was. They have a distorted sense of reality and will bring you into this abusive way of living. Do not get yourself caught up, at the first sign of this...please point it out. If the person you are dealing with fails to acknowledge this and/or change their ways, cut them loose...In the end you will eventually be a victim of circumstance. That person will either attack you with this action or you will be known as the person who hangs with a loose tongue individual and that will cause you to be in a category that nobody should want to be thrown into. Think about it and open your eyes to the actions that people in your surroundings do, because a lot of times (not saying this is correct) we are judged by who our "friends" are.


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Anonymous said...

You said it very well. And I couldn't have said it ANY better!

My in-laws are VERY like this. I am quiet and a tad bit conservative and a-many of them have misconstrued nair insisted that I think I am better than them. They are not conscious critical thinkers and do not 'edit' themselves one bit, this done, in the name of 'keeping it real'. I think that this fad 'keeping it real' is synonymous for not giving a damn or some kind of pass to behave badly. But, in my book, there is NO reasonable excuse to be emotionally wreck less when unnecessary.

As the holidays approach, I found out that they are secretly boycotting my 'sydidy'(sp?) holiday gathering all the while requesting 'this and that' to inconvenience, distract and manipulate a disillusioned me.

This is a cruel attempt to burst my bubble, but what they don't know is I'm having many office co-workers, book club members, friends, and not-to-mention MY FAMILY coming over so that special spiteful request his mother made for my 'six hour fudge' WILL indeed be enjoyed by the people that love and will receive my heart for Christmas.

Thank you for listening and THANK YOU for the article. Keeping it real is such an epidemic to me. I guess my Mother sensitized me to it by not only raising me to 'self edit' but also painting a different picture of the world for me when I was younger-- and I just haven't shaken it yet.

I still am surprised when people say somethings out loud that would never roll off my toungue unless I am drunk drunk drunk.. LOL!

Happy holidays!